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SMTA Webinar on 18th August 2020 @ 15:30 CEST


How to Minimize Humidity Interaction with PCBAs for Robustness?


Professor Rajan Ambat, CELCORR, DTU


Register: https://www.smta.org/webinars/#humidity-robustness




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This webinar will focus on the factors that leads to water film formation on PCBA under humid conditions and show how these factors on the other hand can be used as a means to minimize humidity interaction with PCBA. Aim is to show the possibility of enhancing intrinsic humidity robustness of PCBA by incremental improvements by controlling the influencing factors.


One day session on “Corrosion reliability of electronic devices” as part of Eurocorr 2020. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, Eurocorr 2020 will be a virtual congress. Register for the conference and corrosion reliability of electronic devices session.


More information is available on Eurocorr 2020 website.


(Link the above part to: https://eurocorr.org/2020.html)


Following previous years successful seminars, we will be organizing the 6th international seminar on climatic reliability of electronics on 4-5 March 2021. The two days seminar will cover various aspects of humidity issues in electronics elucidating failure mechanisms, influencing factors, humidity and climate modelling, and various preventive measures.


More information will appear soon.