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SMTA Webinar on 14th December 2020 15:30 CEST


Reflow Residue, Moisture Interaction, and Reliability


Professor Rajan Ambat, CELCORR, DTU


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 Process related cleanliness is a major factor contributing the water film formation under humid conditions on a PCBA surface resulting in various corrosion failure modes. Major contributing factor for the process cleanliness is the use of flux for the soldering process. In general, reflow soldering flux residues are considered more benign compared to wave solder residue due to the nature of the residue, and how they are present on the PCBA surface. Due to the use of flux as paste, reflow residues are localized below components and structurally encapsulated well compared to wave solder residue. Therefore, after reflow soldering process, usually active residues are seldom revealed on the PCBA surface. However, during the extended interaction with humidity, nature of residue changes its structural morphology releasing active components, which will influence the humidity related reliability issues of electronics. This webinar will discuss how the reflow residue changes its behavior under humidity exposure, contributing factors, and effect on humidity robustness of electronics

One day session on “Corrosion reliability of electronic devices” as part of Eurocorr 2021. Please submit abstract by 19th January 2021.

For more information visit: https://eurocorr2021.org/deadlines.php


Following previous years successful seminars, we will be organizing the 6th international seminar on climatic reliability of electronics on 4-5 March 2021. The two days seminar will cover various aspects of humidity issues in electronics elucidating failure mechanisms, influencing factors, humidity and climate modelling, and various preventive measures.


More information will appear soon.