CAPI: Combined Au Plating and Ion Implantation

Overall objective of this project is to improve the tribological properties (wear resistance and friction) of Au by combining optimised electroplating processes with ion implantation. Gold (Au) is a precious resource, and apart from its use for decorative purposes, it is also used in several technical applications. The increasing Au price necessitates innovative solutions that are less dependent on Au. Objectives of CAPI are: (i) Develop a technical solution involving Au electroplating and ion implantation, (ii) Adapt the above technical solution to electrical contacts, (iii) Implement a reel-to-reel ion implantation platform in the new high-current ion accelerator at DTI, and (iV) Achieve a detailed scientific understanding of ion implantation in Au.

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Elplatek, WSA Audiosystems

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