Optimized precision shielding for MEMS microphones used in consumer electronics (Micro-Shield)


As more and more components are cramped into electronic devices, the space becomes precious. Moreover, these microenvironments are filled with transmitting/receiving signals capable of interfering with components such as Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) microphones. The vision of Micro-Shield project is to develop a highly competitive micro shielding cartridge (MSC) aimed towards the MEMS microphone industry, characterized by high material performance and low-price. Micro-Shield will overcome the challenges associated with the replacement of expensive gold – used in current standard shields – while preserving space and EMC properties. The results of Micro-Shield will be a tailored MSC with superior mechanical strength enabling an increased back-volume, for improved acoustic, high corrosion resistance and optimized EMC properties, compared to the current shields found on the market.

Funding agency and programme:

European Union Research Programme

Industrial Partners:

AH Metal, LP Tech