- Environmental effects on electronic systems and reliability issues

CELCORR group has over 13 years of research and development expertise in the area of humidity effects on electronics and finding solutions, and helped many companies on their humidity related reliability and robustness issues. CELCORR group work on all aspects of humidity effects on electronics, which leads to electrochemical failure modes and focus on measures to improve humidity robustness such as Prevention, Protection, and Prediction. We also help electronic industries on their humidity related reliability and robustness issues such as industrial electronics, power electronics, and consumer electronics through many bilateral projects and under CreCon Industrial consortium programme. Whole range of research activities and knowledge base under CELCORR are open to the industries through membership in our "CreCon consortium". Our key areas of activities are: PCBA material/design and humidity interaction, PCBA cleanliness issues from manufacturing process and service, Conformal coating as prevention method, Test methods related to humidity effects and cleanliness testing, System level reliability such enclosure design and humidity modelling, climate coupled design for climatic reliability, corrosion failure modes failure analysis, and more.


Climatic conditions

Humidity and temperature variation in the use environment influences corrosion thus overall reliability of electronic device.

Ionic contamination

Flux residues and contamination determines threshold climatic conditions for leakage and corrosion.

Protection strategy

Understanding of failure mechanism and selection of a method for corrosion protection.

Corrosive gasses

Corrosive gasses such as H2S, SOx,COS, NOx in the use environment accelerates corrosion and failure of electronics.