Present Projects

Active Projects:

ELMAC - Electronics manufactured for climate

Combined Au Plating and Ion implantation (CAPI)            

CreCon consortium research areas and activities

X-Power: Power Electronics Reliability Test Facilities

Active PhD and Master thesis projects:

Developing preventive measures for humidity effects on electronics PhD Ioannis Mantis 
PCBA design strategies for increasing intrinsic humidity robustness and developing predictive measures PhD Anish Rao Lakkaraju
Electronic corrosion mechanisms: Effect of voltage, humidity, and gases PhD Jyothsna Murali Rao
Improving the robustness and performance of Li-ion systems for hearing aids Industrial PhD Markus Kalle Santeri Asikainen 

Development of corrosion test methods for replicating field failures of hearing aids

M.Sc Azra Cigura

Microstructure and corrosion investigation of Al-Cu bus bars for automotive electrification

M.Sc Reuben Jacob

Investigation of sulfur corrosion on electronic components

M.Sc Olga Markaki


Completed projects:

HiPEC - High Performance gold free Electrical Contacts for hearing aids

INSPE – Innovation consortium for sustainable performance in electronics

ICC - Improved climate control inside electronic equipment

enclosures based on a modelling approach

 Optimized precision shielding for MEMS microphones used in consumer electronics (Micro-Shield)

NETCORE – Network for corrosion reliable electronics

Maxcontact: Industrial Implementation of nano-scale Maxphase coatings as substitute for gold as electronic contact material

Completed PhD and Master thesis projects:

Completed PhD thesis can be found under publications

Parametric study of interior climate in electronic enclosures and corrosion reliability

PhD, Helene Conseil

Water film formation on PCBA surface: Investigation of aspects contributing to premature corrosion failures and safety measures for electronics reliability improvement

PhD, Kamila Piotrowska

Numerical Modelling of Local Climate inside Electronics Enclosures

PhD, Parizad Shojaee, (MPP, DTU-MEK)

Humidity control inside electronic enclosures: Developing design principles based on empirical understanding

PhD, Salil Joshy

Climatic reliability of electronics: Early prediction and control of contamination and humidity effects

PhD, Vadimas Verdingovas

Developing semi-empirical models for predicting climate inside electronic device


PhD, Zygimantas Staliulionis (MPP, DTU-MEK)

Investigation of Electronic Corrosion Mechanisms

PhD, Daniel Minzari

Developing strategy for corrosion protection of electronic devices

PhD, Umadevi Rathinavelu

Corrosion Investigation of Materials For Electrical Contacts

M.Sc, Abhijeet Yadav

Optimization and Calibration of EIS Based Portable Corrosion Monitor

M.Sc, Anders Hansen

Corrosion Reliability of Lead-Free Solder Alloy Systems Used in Electronics

M.Sc, Feng Li (BME, Hungary)

Analysis of humidity on printed circuit boards by impedance spectroscopy: Experiments and modelling

M.Sc, Behshid Azimi Manavi (Bosch)

Contact resistance testing of materials for electrical contacts in hearing aids

M.Sc, Lise Hansen

Water transport through silicone gel used in electronics and humidity build up at interfaces

M.Sc, Morten Klitkou

Sensors for electronic corrosion

M.Sc, Stine Jensen

Corrosion susceptibility of electronic components in offshore wind turbine nacelle

M.Sc, Bjørn Mikkelsen

Electrochemical Characterization of Bulk MaxPhase

M.Sc, Eigle Hansen

Galvanic Corrosion of Material Combinations on PCBAs

M.Sc, Anders Bruhn (NXP, TU Delft)

Effect of Contamination on Electrochemical Migration

M.Sc, Marianne Johnson

Improving the performance of conformal coatings on printed circuit board assemblies

M.Sc, Thomas Jensen

Role of supply chain logistics and manufacturing process on the reliability of electronic devices

M.Sc, Riccardo Rizzo

Investigation on the effect of ionic contamination

on the corrosion reliability of printed circuit

board assemblies

M.Sc, Vadimas Verdingovas

Solder flux chemistry and climatic reliability of electronics: Optimization of flux chemistry for robust performance

PhD, Feng Li

Developing high performance and climatically reliable Hearing Aids

PhD, Abhijeet Yadav (Widex)

Implementation of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) for validation of humidity robustness of PCBA design elements

PhD, Simone Lauser (Bosch)

Humidity robustness of Electronic Devices: PCBA Failure Risk Prediction based on probabilistic approach

PhD, Sajjad Bahrebar

Li-ion batteries for hearing aid applications: Humidity and temperature effects on performance

M.Sc, Vishu Dev

Detailed investigation of humidity robustness of Zinc-Air batteries

M.Sc, Jyothsna Rao

Humidity interaction with reflow residue and effect on corrosion reliability of SMT devices

M.Sc, Anish Rao

Parametric study of regional climates on electronics: Understanding local climate effects on corrosion failure mechanisms

M.Sc, Quimin Guo